Top Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection
Emergency services notified within seconds

Fall detection ensures that help is on the way when a loved one falls, even if
they can't press the button themselves. Compare the top devices with
fall detection below and get protected.

 Last Updated September 2020

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Who needs a fall detection sensor?

Fall detection sensors are meant for people—usually seniors—who suffer from illness, fatigue, or certain illnesses which make them prone to falls. In some cases, such a device can even mean the difference between life and death, especially for seniors who live alone and would otherwise have no way to call for help in the event of a fall.

Why get fall detection?

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury or death among older adults. A fall can result in bruises, fractures, and head trauma which can drastically affect an elderly person’s mobility and independence—especially if help doesn’t come quickly. Even if the injury isn’t grave, trepidation about a further fall can cause people to cut down their physical activity and their quality of life can suffer.

How does it work?

Fall detection devices use state-of-the-art technology to gauge your movements and your body, in order to detect sudden movement that would indicate a fall. Most of these devices will have a window of time—usually around 30 seconds—in which the device will be monitored after a fall. If the device doesn’t move in those 30 seconds, the device will determine that the wearer fell and send for help.

Some devices will also include a “kill switch” of sorts, which will send an announcement when the system detects a fall, giving you the chance to cancel the emergency call, thus cutting down on false alarms. Many devices will also have an operator call the system to speak to the wearer to determine if they fell. If there is no response, help is dispatched.

How much do fall detection devices cost?

Fall detection devices typically cost around $40 per month on their own. A better deal is to purchase a comprehensive medical alert system, which usually costs around $35-40 per month and offers fall detection as an added option, usually for around $10 more per month.

Help is Near

The “golden years” are blessed, but they are often marked by illness and a greater vulnerability to injury. A fall detection device is one of the best ways to ensure that your loved one has an extra layer of protection, a security blanket of sorts so that if an accident strikes, help won’t be far away. These devices can also be affordable, so take a few minutes to look around, and find the fall detector you feel comfortable with.